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Solidarity Statement

June 3rd, 2020 by secretary in Announcements

Dear Beverly Community,

We have only begun healing from the devastation brought upon us by COVID-19 and now find ourselves suffering again from the deeply painful effects of prejudice across this country. As we continue to face this pandemic, we cannot ignore the fact that overall access to healthcare and economic security is lowest for people of color. And as such, black and brown communities across this country have suffered the highest number of deaths per capita out of any racial group. Understandably, the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have sparked protests across this country calling for justice for every person of color who has died suspiciously at the hands of law enforcement—or in a seemingly racially charged manner. We here at the Beverly Democratic City Committee are sickened by the impact of these events on the black and brown community, and we stand with the people of Minneapolis and other cities across America, as they fight for answers, solutions, and justice at this time of unrest.

It’s natural to feel like these moments happen far from communities like Beverly. But for many people of color, these experiences are unfortunately a part of the lived experience. Our organization believes it is our duty as citizens, and as leaders in our community, to stand up for what is just. As the late Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” As we have seen in Minneapolis and countless other cities across this great country, time and time again, a single spark of injustice can ignite the flame of protest that can potentially set the path for real change in our community.

Regardless of our color or other demographics or how we may personally identify ourselves, we believe that the power of our shared voice is only as strong as the voice of the individual. As we move forward putting back together the pieces and trying to understand what role we can play, we want to do this together with you, so reach out to us if you need a space to discuss how you’re feeling.

Additionally, we will be working together with City leaders to develop a larger platform aimed at understanding how we can deal with systematic prejudices in our own community. So please be good to yourselves and to your neighbors.

In solidarity,

The Beverly Democratic City Committee

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